FIX Status has more than 5 years innovating the customer service experience through our platform for car dealerships and auto repair shops, creating happier customers and better results for our clients.


We have focused a lot in making it easy for all types of users, going directly

into the new mobile frontier where customers now live and helping them be close

to their service representatives through the process they sometimes hate or don’t

comprehend at all, for them to value it and give better feedback to improve your business. 

We are happy to be creating a strong partnership with EY which is sponsoring our startup in terms of a mutual growth and commercial development through a joint cooperation to evolve the customer service in repair shops with technology and process innovation.


In 2015 we took our development a step further by certifying our team in the ISO20000 quality system to bring our solution in a more standardized service and a more valuable customer service platform for corporate automotive repair shops in North America & the World.

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